Why Study NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific approach to personal development, communication, and psychotherapy.

It was created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970’s, in the United States.

NLP is the study and understanding of how we can attain our desired results through the effective communication and thought processes of both ourselves and other people.

We will introduce you to the Map of Perception, the pre-suppositions of NLP, internal filtering and associated problems, timelines, reframing techniques, principles of success, plus much more.

We will teach you the five sensory channels our brains use to filter and store information and past events, the primary representational systems people use, plus the techniques used to develop rapport and trust with another person.

You will understand the meaning behind shifting from the present state to the desired state, and also the popular and proven anchoring and chaining techniques.

Many people utilise NLP to enhance many aspects of their lives – it can be used to create harmony within a relationship, calm and understanding within the work setting, or simply used to clear your own mind and understand better ways of communicating.

Simply check out our curriculum below to discover what we can teach you today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction To NLP

    • Introduction

    • NLP Explained & How To Use The Skills Effectively

    • The History Of NLP

    • What Makes NLP So Unique?

    • Assessment

  • 2

    Understanding NLP

    • The NLP Communication Model Explained

    • Can You Achieve Personal Success Through NLP?

    • NLP & Sensory Acuity

    • Increasing Your Sensory Acuity With NLP

    • Living In Your Desired State Over Present State

    • Assessment

  • 3

    NLP Realities

    • NLP Sub-Modalities

    • NLP Anchors

    • NLP Non-Verbal Communication Techniques

    • Map Of Perception

    • Assessment

  • 4

    NLP Representational Systems

    • Understanding Eye Movements & Subtle Cues With NLP

    • NLP Representational Systems

    • Preference Test - Representational Systems

    • Assessment

  • 5

    NLP Sub-Modalities

    • NLP Pre-Suppositions

    • NLP Sub-Modalities Explained

    • Creating The 'Belief-Changing' Script

    • Sub-Modalities Exercise

    • Assessment

  • 6

    NLP Communication Techniques

    • NLP & Rapport Building

    • Matching & Mirroring In NLP

    • Harnessing The Power Of Language

    • NLP & Embedded Commands

    • Assessment

  • 7

    NLP Behaviour Generators

    • Behaviour Modelling

    • New Behaviour Generator

    • The New Behaviour Generator Technique

    • Assessment

  • 8

    NLP Anchoring & Chaining

    • NLP Anchors

    • Installing Anchors

    • Collapsing & Chaining Anchors

    • Anchoring Step-By-Step

    • True Anchoring Practice

    • Circle Of Excellence

    • Assessment

  • 9

    NLP Reframing

    • Fundamentals of NLP Reframing

    • Reframing Forms - Context & Content

    • Reframing Exercise

    • Advanced Reframing Techniques

    • Positive Intention With Parts Therapy

    • Parts Integration

    • Assessment

  • 10

    NLP & The Mind

    • Conversational Hypnosis - The Art Of The Power Words

    • Exercise: Self-Hypnosis

    • NLP Technique - Screening Your Mind

    • Exercise: Screening Your Mind

    • Assessment

  • 11

    Utilise NLP To Your Own Advantage

    • NLP Timelines Explained

    • NLP Timeline Technique

    • Planning Your Future Success With NLP Timelines

    • NLP Perceptual Positions

    • Setting Up Your Perceptual Positions

    • Using NLP In Meetings

    • Using NLP To Deal With Difficult People

    • Assessment

  • 12

    NLP For Personal Progression

    • NLP Chunking Techniques

    • Using NLP To Release Negative Emotions

    • Using NLP For SMART Goal Setting

    • Set Your Life Goals

    • Alleviating Phobias

    • Exercise: Stress Management

    • NLP Tips

    • Assessment

  • 13

    NLP Resources

    • NLP Resources

Why Study With Us?

All of our courses are completed online and at your own pace.
We issue a CPD award upon completion of our chosen course.

  • CPD Award

    All of our courses are issued with a CPD award upon completion. Unlike other providers, there is no extra charge or hidden cost for this - the price you see is the price you pay. This course does not have an expiry date, however it is advisable to stay up to date with all current news and advancements within this subject area.

  • Who Should Study This Course?

    Anyone can study this course. There are no pre-requisites, as we begin at introductory level and work up to the advanced knowledge. This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in NLP. This course will provide a clear understanding of NLP, the techniques involved, and how to utilise your new found skills and incorporate them into your daily life.

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