Why Study Meditation?

We all find it difficult to relax in this chaotic and hectic world. We can never seem to make time to truly relax and experience our inner calm. 

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people endure high levels of stress and anxiety. Most of us would admit that we are 'the 1 out of the 3'. So how do we reduce this stress, and live with a peaceful mind? 

The answer to this is meditation. If we spend as little as 10 minutes a day meditating, we can make vast improvements on our physical and mental health.  We can learn to refocus our attention onto the things in life that really matter.

By studying this course, we will teach you the fundamentals of meditation, the techniques, the explanations and the different types of meditation available. You will learn how to deal with your emotions on a higher level and cope with any negative thoughts or behaviour patterns. You will learn how to switch to a positive mindset, reduce stress, increase your self-esteem, and even acknowledge your spiritual side!
This course explores how you can balance your mind, and live a life of positivity and peace. We guide you through the techniques required, the basic equipment, the suitable environment, and explore the type that will be suitable for you. 

You do not need to worry that you 'can't do this', or that 'you won't be any good' - anybody can learn to meditate!

We even address the benefits of group meditation, guided meditation, and the possibility of starting your own meditation group! Turn your new found hobby into an income. 

For anybody wanting to learn a new hobby and stress free way of life, this course is designed to help you on your way.

What will you learn?

You will be introduced to all of the following in this easy to follow course:

  • Introduction to meditation

  • The benefits of regular meditation

  • Meditation preparation

  • The different types of meditation

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Plus much more!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Benefits of Meditation

    • Meditation Explained

    • Are There Any Real Benefits To Meditation?

    • Rid Yourself Of Internal Chaos

    • Assessment

  • 2

    Emotional Influence

    • Emotional Influence Of The Mind

    • Clearing Your Mind

    • Assessment

  • 3

    Energy Within The Body

    • The Integrated Energy System - The Chakras

    • The Integrated Energy System - The Aura

    • Assessment

  • 4

    Combining Meditation With Mindfulness

    • The Meditation & Mindfulness Relationship

    • Can You Combine Meditation And Mindfulness?

    • Assessment

  • 5

    Meditation Preparation

    • Seven Points of Meditation Posture

    • Choosing Your Meditation Environment

    • Daily Meditation

    • Meditation Categories

    • Assessment

  • 6

    Understanding Different Meditation Types

    • Meditation - Best Practice For You

    • Mindful Meditation

    • Concentration Meditation

    • Transcendent Meditation

    • Assessment

  • 7

    Meditation Techniques

    • Live In The Present Time

    • Guided Visualisation

    • Breathing Meditation

    • Sound Meditation

    • Concentration Meditation

    • Assessment

  • 8

    Running A Meditation Practice & Groups

    • Starting Up A Meditation Group Of Your Own

    • Finding Suitable Premises

    • Business Networking & Advertising

    • Assessment

  • 9

    Meditation Resources

    • Free Online Resources

Why Study With Us?

All of our courses are completed online and at your own pace.
We issue a CPD award upon completion of our chosen course.

  • CPD Award

    All of our courses are issued with a CPD award upon completion. Unlike other providers, there is no extra charge or hidden cost for this - the price you see is the price you pay. This course does not have an expiry date, however it is advisable to stay up to date with all current news and advancements within this subject area.

  • Who Should Study This Course?

    Anyone can study this course. There are no pre-requisites, as we begin at introductory level and work up to the advanced knowledge. This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in meditation, or simply wishing to learn the techniques to enhance their own life. This course will provide a clear understanding of meditation practices and techniques, and we will teach you how to use your new found knowledge.

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